"A man who is a master of himself can end a sorrow as he can invent a pleasure. I don't wan't to be at the mercy of my emotions. I wan't to use them , to enjoy them , and to dominate them". Oscar Wild (1854-1900)

When you start asking question, you start getting answers.

We are not alone , never have been ,never will be. Time is speeding up and the sun is changing physical matter. We are creator's and co- creator's created in their image " Yes" it's plural. It's time to take responsibility for our selves, Step out of the Illusion, Let go of attachments, let go of bondage, if it no longer serves your higher good, then let it go. Honesty to self and others is a major step. It's time the world knew who they are. A secret thats been kept to keep you blind. A secret thats been kept for way to long. A secret that is now being revealed. In this Blog you'll find info,teachings and news you wont find on your television .

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Portals , Stargates and consciousness-Time is speeding up

                                           Time is speeding up "like it or not"

There are literally thousands of you who are code carriers in the shifting and recoding process ongoing for the final adjustments of the Ascension. Your body is a stargate / portal. The human body is evolving and has been over millions and millions of years.For example, 3000 years ago the masses  used the bicameral mind,two thousand years ago the masses started using the conscious mind and now we are expanding our consciousness to new levels. The mind is like a quantum computer. Many are aware that they can call upon any information by simply asking "Their self" There are higher aspects of our self we cannot see with the physical eye.  Take a fan for instance. When its turned off you can see the blades, but turn it on and it spins at a higher frequency or vibration. The blades become almost invisible. Same is for the human body, There are none physical aspect of our being that are spinning at a higher vibration / frequency. The Earth is spinning at a higher octave then it was in 2009 and 2009 more than 2006. Right now in the middle of 2011 we have went from 24 hour days to 14 hour days. The reason we may not "see" this in the clocks  or even realize it's happening is because our minds are speeding up as well as everything around us. However, even though we may not see this we can feel it. Some people are loosing their minds and some are excited because they know whats happening.

"Higher dimensions" here we come. haha  ...... We must raise our vibration. Let go of bondage and attachment's as well as beliefs that no longer serve us.

The more that humanity understands its own consciousness and coding, the more the crystalline geometry becomes multi dimensional and so the geometric expression of these will up shift in kind.

This is why the Triple Date Portals, Equinoxes, Eclipses and Solstices are key to humanity in the coming months.These specific energies allow for enhanced downloads that you align to and project. It is why then that areas of star gates and power nodes, Pyramids and ancient structures are the optimal gathering points. Whats happening cannot be stopped.

Here are a couple of Stargates and Portal openings. There are many many more.This is just a few. They are opening all over the world.

Japan Stargate

A Stargate in Peru "Machu Picchu" that goes deep into the Earth

Stargate in Detroit

Portal stargate

The Human body also a portal stargate~

Anyone feel like traveling lol I was thinking Arcturia :)